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Buying guide

If you have more questions, you can also check our selling guide and FAQ's

Tips for buying on Artelista

The artworks you are looking for are on Artelista. To find them easily, have a look at the following tips:

  • Use the Artelista's search filters.
  • Use our search engine for specific searches. We will give you the best results.
  • Choose between original artworks and prints.
  • When you see any artwork you like, compare it with the suggestions we make.
  • Add your choices to the cart and choose among them.
  • If you have any concern, please contact us via email to or call on +34 93 504 56 50. Business hours: from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm (GMT +1) except for public holidays.

Commitments of Artelista

  • Verified artist profiles Trusted Artist
  • We respect the pricing of the artworks as prices contractually binding.
  • Artelista collects the artwork at the artist studio after verifying everything is ok and delivers it to your home. Artworks are insured during shipment by Allianz Insurances™
  • A secure platform: Artists receive payment after you notify us everything is ok
  • We issue a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) with every artwork.
  • If the artwork fails to impress you, we pick it up for free and refund the full amount
  • Making an online payment through the Artelista secure system. Click on the “Add to cart” button and choose your payment method: credit/debit card, PayPal or bank transfer.
  • Artelista takes on delivery charges

All you need to know before buying

Where do the artworks on sale come from?

On Artelista you can find artworks put up for sale by artists or galleries. All artists state by contractual terms that they are the authors of the artworks. You can also find artworks of the Great Masters from the greatest museums of the world.

On Artelista you can buy original artworks of the following categories: paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, collages, digital art, ceramics and crafts.

Can I buy all the artworks on display on Artelista?

You can buy the artworks put up for sale by the author or the gallery. The purchase is online and those artworks which can be bought have the button “Add to cart” on the artwork tab. The button “Add to cart” appears when the artwork has all the information needed: price and dimensions. You can also find on Artelista artworks which are not on sale or which have been sold.

Artworks without the “Add to cart” button

If you like an artwork but it has not the “Add to cart” button, you can request information by clicking on “Ask for information”. The Artelista team would manage your request and as soon as the artist provides us with the information, we will email you with all the data you asked for.

Can I buy an original artwork temporarily unavailable (NA)?

The non available artworks cannot be bought as the artist may not have access to it. Those artworks marked as NA are usually on exhibitions or galleries and it may be a temporal status. If you are interested in an artwork that today is not available, you can mark it as favourite so that you can track its availability.

A print is a high-quality print of a photograph using pigmentation techniques in different media types: lithographic paper, photographic paper, photopanel and canvas (already stretched or not).

You can buy prints of original artworks and photographs, as well as prints of drawings, digital art, engravings, collages and sculptures (pictures of sculptures). If the artwork belongs to an artist, all the artworks uploaded with enough quality for prints would be available in different measures and media types. In the case of prints of artworks by Great Masters, all the images you can find on the website are high quality images and are available for their printing. If an artwork can be purchased as a print, you will find this option on the artwork tab, where it appears the different media types (lithographic paper, photographic paper, canvas, photopanel and stretched canvas), its prices, the size bar and the button “buy”.

Who sets the price for the artwork?

Prices are set by artists or galleries on Artelista. Great master Print’s prices are set by Artelista.

The price set for the artwork is the retail price including local taxes where applicable. Price does not include delivery costs, customs fees or import duties. Artelista takes on delivery costs.

The Certificate of Authenticity or COA is a document issued by Artelista for every artwork. In the case of original artworks, this document certifies its originality, whereas in the case of prints, the document certifies the using of HP materials and technology. In the COA you will find information of the artwork: name of the artist, title of the artwork, technical specifications and so on. Moreover, if it is an original artwork, the COA is given with the signature of the artist. In the case of prints, the COA is issued with three important logos: the logo of Artelista to certify its uniqueness, the logo of Hewlett Packard to certify it has been printed using HP technology and the logo of the Wilhelm Imaging research to certify the printing has a durability superior to 250 years.

How are artworks sent?

In the case of original paintings and prints, they can be sent in a rigid tube or already pre-stretched. The rest of original artworks are sent in boxes in compliance with Artelista delivery protocols (in rigid triple wall cardboard box guaranteeing security in shipping).

Are the artworks insured during the shipping?

If the artwork is damaged during the shipment, you won’t have to worry about anything as all the artworks are insured with the company Allianz Insurances. The insurance included covers the 100% of the artwork value and any incident the artwork may suffer during the delivery.

Which companies send the artworks?

Artelista works with the best international delivery companies (DHL, UPS and FedEx). You will have the best delivery time with shipment tracking through the tracking number we will provide you with.

The estimated delivery time is within 10 and 15 business days since ordering. In the case of international shipments, the artwork may be subjected to customs clearance procedures which can cause delays beyond original delivery estimates. Exports of original artworks from Argentina and Colombia could result in delays for 10 additional days due to customs clearance procedures. Artelista assumes no responsibility for customs clearance delays.

What is a refund guarantee?

We know it is not easy to purchase an artwork without seeing or touching it. In the event that you change your mind or, simply, the artwork do not convince you after receiving your order, you have a return/change period of 14 days without additional costs, starting the day after the reception of the order. We won’t ask you why, we are just interested in your full satisfaction.

All you need to know while buying

How does buying online work?

Once you have found an artwork you like, if you want to proceed with the purchase, you will have to click on the button “Add to cart” on the artwork tab. Once the artwork has been added to the cart, we’ll inform you of the final price (artwork price and delivery costs) and you will have to choose the method of payment you prefer. In the following step, include all the needed data and after realizing the payment, you’ll receive an e-mail with all the information regarding your purchase. You can also access to this information through the “Messages” tab you have in your menu.

I want to give the artwork as a present

If you want to give an artwork as a present and the delivery address is different to yours, you have to introduce the data during the second step of the purchase process. You would also be able to include a dedication; to do so, you’ll have to access to your user’s menu and send us a message with the content of the dedication.

You can contact us via: Contact us

On Artelista you can purchase your artworks in a secure environment and you can choose among three different methods of payment: (i) credit card (VISA, MasterCard and American Express), (ii) PayPal (a PayPal account is not needed) and (iii) bank transfer. If you realize the payment with credit card or PayPal, the purchase process is completed once you receive our confirmation e-mail. If you want to realize a bank transfer, once you finish the payment process you will be provided with all the necessary data to realize the transfer. The artwork will be marked as reserved until you send us the proof of transfer to (order ID as subject of the e-mail) and we have a notification from our bank. It is important to have into account that for realizing the bank transfer, you’ll be charged with management fees.

All you need to know after buying

I want to check my order

To check an order, you can access the information in your user’s menú, in the tab “Messages” or in the e-mail we send you. If you access your user’s menu, you will also find in “My purchases” the Certificate of Authenticity (COA), the information regarding your order, the list of previous orders and you will also find a form to contact us directly in case you have doubts or there’s a problem.

When will I receive my order?

We will inform you about the estimated delivery time and the tracking number to track your package.

How does an export of an original artwork work?

Those shipments which are treated as exports are those shipments in which the origin and destination country do not belong to a common economic space (EU, NAFTA, etc.). When exporting an original artwork, the artist is the exporter and you are the importer.

In the event of export/import, do I have to pay taxes?

The price set for the artwork includes local taxes where applicable but excludes import duties. Each country has its own regulations governing the import of artworks. Most countries are exempt from import duty and there is an import tax that can be anywhere from 10% to 20% on the amount of the purchase. The international delivery company will inform you and we will advise you on how to proceed with the custom clearance management prior to the delivery of the artwork.

Artwork damaged during shipment

If the artwork has been damaged during the shipment, you can choose whether changing the artwork for another one or having a refund. No risks! To return the artwork you’ll have to inform us through a form you’ll find in the section “My purchases” in your user’s menu. Access the menu, contact us to inform about the condition of the artwork and we’ll contact you to explain you the steps to follow.

Payment method

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Free and easy returns

Free and easy returns

In the event that you change your mind or, simply, the artwork do not convince you after receiving your order, you have a return/change period of 14 days without additional costs, starting the day after the reception of the order.

To proceed with a change or a return, follow the steps below:

  • - Email us at so that our Customer Service department can contact you (Mon-Thurs, 10:00 – 14:00 and 16:00 – 18:00 / Fri, 10:00 – 14:00 Spain local time). Please, try to have on hand the order ID to facilitate and accelerate this process.
  • - The Courier will pick up the package on the place and date agreed, and once we receive the artwork, we will proceed with the refund of the paid amount.

Enjoy Artelista, enjoy art

Free shipping and return

Free and safe delivery

When you purchase art at Artelista, you have at your disposal thousands of artworks by artists from around the world, from up to 170 different countries, , and we don't want the delivery costs to be a problem when you want to enjoy the best art. The price shown at the artwork page is its final price, without surprises. Additionally, for your tranquility, the artwork is insured with the company Allianz Insurances during shipping, so we will handle everything if, unfortunately, the artwork is damaged before being delivered.

The estimated delivery time for Artelista fine art prints is 5-7 working days, whereas in the case of original artworks, it would vary depending on the origin country. Once the artist notifies us the artwork is ready for shipment, the delivery will be in the following 24-72 hours, These delivery times may be altered by custom clearance events, especially when the origin country of the artwork belongs to a different cross-national agreement (EU,NAFTA,etc.). here. Shipments from Argentina, Colombia or Cuba need of a special authorization for the exportation of artworks, so it is important to have this into account when calculating the delivery date.

Bear in mind we are dealing with works of art, so they may be in an exhibition (actually, this is awesome!). Those artworks which are in an exhibition are usually displayed as “non-available”. In case the artwork has been put up for sale, take into account the artist would have to manage with the organization of the exhibition the return of the artwork in order to be able to realize the shipment.

Enjoy Artelista, enjoy art

Customer care

Customer care

We are dealing with works of art, a unique and exclusive product, and we want you to feel this way too, therefore, our main objective is to offer a personalized and close customer service. We are at your disposal at all times. If you have any concern, doubts about your order or for whatever reason you need you contact us

You can choose the way you contact us:

  • - Email us to
  • - Use the chat you have available at the website

Enjoy Artelista, enjoy art

Prints information

Currently is not possible to make prints shipments outside Spain. We're working to re-offer the service as soon as possible.

We apologise about the inconvenience