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Francisco Camplá Livesey has always lived thanks to the management of visual images. He worked as a designer and art director before founding his own advertising agency which granted him international success. Today, he is retired and is completely dedicated to the passion of his life: painting.

Influenced by his studies on "Freud Psychopathology", his works are sold throughout Europe, the United States and his homeland, Chile. In September 2013 he was elected winner of the 8th Showcase Artslant in New York.


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Jesús Fernández Escobar (La Puerta de Segura, Jaén, 1988) showed his great talent from a very young age, although it was not until he turned 19 that he began to paint. As a trained engineer, he applies the knowledge of technical drawing in his works, developing a style that stands out for vertiginous conical perspectives, a series of lines and circles that converge in the vanishing point and bring personality to the piece.

Inspired by great figures of contemporary art such as Jeremy Mann, François Bard or Brett Amory, Escobar works on improving his style without ceasing to investigate with new materials and themes.

His works are part of private collections of Greece, Taiwan, the United States, Mexico, Germany and Spain.


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Mayra Lifich
Location Argentina


The work of Mayra Lifich (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1969) is in constant evolution, her desire to explore and investigate new ways of expression prevents her from remaining still. Due to these permanent changes, his work has been moving from a gentle and clean geometric abstraction that reminds of Miró to a more aggressive, nervous and incisive abstract expressionism.

To Lifich, a work is not born until its riddle is solved and it is able to manifest itself; that’s when it can be finished.

He has exhibited in Chile, the United States, Argentina and Uruguay; and his works are part of private collections in Argentina, Spain and Mexico, among others.


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Born in Havana (Cuba, 1956), son of two figures of great importance in Cuban art of the last century, Carmelo González Gutiérrez inherited the talent and love of his parents for the arts.

The artist defines his style as “structural symbolism” with which he pays special homage to Cuba, its culture, its people and its history. Full of color and rich in details, his works give form to a wide variety of themes that speak of the past and the present, which claim that each spectator draws his own conclusions, since the symbols in them do not hide a unique meaning.

His works are part of private collections, universities, hotels and entities in: Cuba, Canada, United States, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Argentina, Nicaragua, Brazil and Zaire.


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Elena Barón
Location Spain


Born in Ayamonte (Huelva, Spain), Elena Barón left her profession as an engineer to "get on the car of the Slow Movement" and work full-time to what makes her happier: art. Although much of his artistic production is abstract, one can always observe reminiscences of his agronomic formation and his passion for nature, the main and recurrent theme of his works.

Barón is constantly investigating with materials as diverse as marble dust, gel of microspheres, sand and resins, which he applies to give textures and relief to their pieces growing its expressiveness.

His works are in private collections of Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Venezuela and Mexico, among others.


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Carlo Salomoni (Ferrara, 1956) is a self-taught artist who decided to quit his career as a surgeon to devote himself entirely to painting. Since then, he has worked with several techniques, but his paintings and illustrations should be highlighted. They evoke a world of dreams and environments where reality and fantasy merge.

With a strongly surrealistic style, Salomoni has participated in exhibitions and fairs throughout Europe and their works are in private collections in Italy, Spain, England, Scotland, Poland, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and Belgium.


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Born in Holland and living in Spain, Monique van Steen takes us to a pictorial world where she delights in her visual exploration on many levels. He loves to put up counter positions in his paintings; contrasting warm with cold, light with darkness, controlled with the intuitive.

Van Steen uses these tools to express his most sincere inner world, which is also composed of continuous contradictions, we will see how love can be converted into attachment, hesitation in bliss, jealousy in generosity, freedom in doubt and so endless transformations that are never the same.

Monique van Steen's work is found in private collections around the world, and in galleries in Europe and Australia; she has also participated in numerous art fairs around the world.


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Alberto Kissola
Location Portugal


Alberto Kissola (Portugal, 1962) is a self-taught sculptor who started its career on 2005, but it wasn’t until 2012 that he decided to work full-time on his creations. He has participated in collective and solo exhibitions in Portugal. Last year his sculptures were part of the event Setúbal European City of Sports 2016.

For the sculptor, art is a strange world of emotions and unique beauty that surrounds the soul and exalts the spirit. A universe of chaos and harmony where forms and colors come alive. In art, the author is merely a tool in hands of its creation. Kissola is constantly working on this emotional connection that he wants to convey.


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Leopoldo G. Andrades considers himself, above all, a transmitter of feelings and sensibilities. Through painting, he shares his vision of nature, people, feelings and everything around him.

He recognizes that, despite his age, he considers himself an artist still in development and feels the need to try different techniques and styles, in order to find new ways of expression. His work can be classified in three major styles: realism, surrealism and what he calls "geometric realism".

For Andrades, the most important thing is to leave his humble footprint in this world, like leaving his signature in a tree.





At the age of five, the aunts of Daniel Martín Cea gave him oil tubes and a canvas. Since then he has not stopped painting.

At the age of seventeen he entered the School of Fine Arts in Valladolid, having won first place in its drawing prize.

He left to the Balearic Islands seeking the typical Mediterranean light, and there he found the restlessness of his palette.

He has performed multiple solo and group exhibitions, and his works are in collections from different parts of the world, such as France, Argentina, Germany and Spain.

He writes stories and poems published in different magazines and collected in a couple of books. He is currently a professor of drawing and painting.

Cea has always followed Leonardo's rule: "the painter must be universal", he should not settle for painting a thing in different ways.


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Selected by: Manuel Sanmartín

CEO & amp; Founder of "Mas Civiles"

Manuel Sanmartín, founder of the Mas Civiles group, has directed successful exhibitions in London and has been in charge of projects in Brazil, France, the United States, Spain and Venezuela. Sanmartín is part of leading groups in artistic production in London, with which the work and career of more than 200 artists is promoted.

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