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Curriculum Vitae Sculptor Tomas Oliva (son) 19 807 Greenwood PL N, Shoreline, WA 98133 Tel 206-5424541 email: olivasart@verizon.net WWW.OLIVASART.COM Solo Exhibitions 2008 "connections " Galera Lisbon City Mexico, Mexico 2006 "In Puris naturalibus " Patricia Cameron Gallery, Seattle, Washington, USA 2004 "Paranoia Day Pequea " Patricia Cameron Fine Art Gallery, Seattle, Washington, USA 2000 'Players Beads "The Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle, Washington, USA 2000 " Cuban Perspective X 2 ...
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Curriculum Vitae Sculptor Tomas Oliva (son) 19 807 Greenwood PL N, Shoreline, WA 98133 Tel 206-5424541 email: olivasart@verizon.net WWW.OLIVASART.COM Solo Exhibitions 2008 "connections " Galera Lisbon City Mexico, Mexico 2006 "In Puris naturalibus " Patricia Cameron Gallery, Seattle, Washington, USA 2004 "Paranoia Day Pequea " Patricia Cameron Fine Art Gallery, Seattle, Washington, USA 2000 'Players Beads "The Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle, Washington, USA 2000 " Cuban Perspective X 2 "Washington State Capitol, Washington, USA 1997 " Sculpture Tomas Oliva "2121 Park Road NE, Seattle, Washington, USA 1991 " states "23 & 12 Art Gallery, Havana, Cuba 1989 " Proposal I 'Gallery October 10, Havana, Cuba 1984 "Exibicin of graduation " State Institute of Art, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine Exhibition 2008 Latin Artists Collective in Northwest Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, USA 2006 1st Biennial of Art Postmodern "Posmopolis " Crdova, Veracruz, Mexico 2006 "West Edge " Benaroya Hall and The Harbor Steps, Seattle, Washington, USA 2005 "America, the Colors of the Continent ; Arte Latino from the Pacific Northwest "TCC, Tacoma, Washington, USA 2004 " Remembrance: Reminiscence "Kinsey Gallery, Seattle University, Seattle, Washington, USA 2003 " Latino Hispanic Heritage Celebration "Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, Washington, USA 2002 "Cinco de Mayo Fine Art Competition 2003 " Pier 62-63, Seattle 's waterfront, Washington, USA 2002 "The House of Arts Annual Auction " Hyatt Hotel, Seattle, Washington, USA 2002 "5 Springs " The Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle, Washington, USA 2002 "Views of Love " The House of Arts, Seattle, Washington, USA 2001 "Bellevue Museum Art Auction 2001 " BAM, Bellevue, Washington, USA 2000 "Altars " Phinney Art Gallery, Seattle, Washington, USA 1997 "Aspects of Cuba, Guatemala and Mexico in Seattle "La Llorona Art Gallery, Chicago. USA 1996 " The Fiestas Patrias 96 Visual Art Exhibit "Opus de Artes Art Gallery at Seattle Center, Seattle, USA 1995 " Works on paper "Opus Arts Art Gallery, Tacoma, USA 1995 'Hermitage Group "(Exibicin opening) Galera Hermitage, Seattle, Washington, USA 1995 " The Fiestas Patrias 95 Visual Art Exhibit "Opus Art at Seattle Art Gallery Center, Seattle, USA 1995 "Fifteen Artists from the Former Soviet Union " Galera Hermitage, Seattle, USA 1993 "fullness of Paintings Dead " Curadura by John Rumor, Centro Cultural Convento de Santa Teresa , Mexico DF, Mexico 1991 "Viva La Muerte " Casa de Benito Juarez Mexico, Havana, Cuba 1991 "Together and Forward " House of the Young Creator, Havana, Cuba 1991 "Hall of Cuban contemporary sculpture Biennial IV line "Habana, Cuba 1990 " Four Projects To Contest Finalists Island Plaza "Isla de la Juventud, Cuba 1990 " Faculty Exhibition "Galera Leopoldo Romanach, Havana, Cuba 1989 " Youngsters Promoting Values "Central Salon exhibitions, Kiev, Ukraine 1986 "Second Biennial of Havana " Hall of contemporary sculpture, Havana, Cuba 1985 "Sculpture Exibicin " Galera Servando Cabrera, Havana, Cuba 1985 "Faculty Exhibition "Leopoldo Romanach Galera, Habana, Cuba 1984 " Youngsters of Prisa "Leopoldo Romanach Galera, Habana, Cuba 1984 " Cubans in Kiev "Hall of Protocol of the Institute of aviation , Kiev, Ukraine 1984 "Featured Student Work Art Institute of Kiev State " Central Salon exhibitions in Kiev, Ukraine 1983 "Contest Annual " State Institute of Art, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraina 2001 " Annual Contest "State Institute of Art in Kiev, Kiev, Ukraina 1978 " First Triennial Sculpture Pequea "Habana, Cuba 1977 " First National Sculpture Salon Pequea "Habana, Cuba 1976 " selected poyecto Expo contest slave monument Triumvirate "Havana, Cuba / Awards: The Center Cultural Hispano Americano and Portugsy Ctedra Espaol Studies at the University of Washington give "HONORS " for excellence in contribuciny achievements in the advancement of the arts and Education No, Seattle, Washington, October 25, 2006 2006 Contest Mention monument to the Plaza de la Isla (Isla de la Juventud) 1990 First Prize contest Salvador Allende Memorial Hospital 1997 S. Allende Contest Mention ambientacin foyer of the sanatorium to Topes de Collantes 1986 Award competition for a monument to Alexander Pushkin 1985 Third Prize cuncurso annual State of the Art Institute of Kiev 1983 Second Prize cuncurso annual State of the Art Institute of Kiev 1979 First record of the course graduation Escuela San Alejandro 1976, is awarded scholarship to continue higher studies in foreign 1977 Large Format Sculptures Installed: 2005 Frida Envisioning a Player Marble, granite, 3 feet high, permanent Exibicin sculptural Park of Andres Art Institute, Brookline, New Hampshire, USA 2001 "Frida Unbreakable " (quarry stone, steel) 3 meters high permanent Exibicin sculptural Park Cemetery Carretas, Putaendo, V Regin, Chile 1999 "Frida " (granite), 3 meters high, Exibicin Permanente in sculptural Park International School Giri Adichunchana Medicine, Mandya District, Karnataka, South India's 1999 "The Way " (The Way) (Honduran mahogany) 3 x 2.5 meters, Main Gate of The Church of Saint Andrew, Sumner, Washington, USA 1998 "In Vivo Bone " (marble Alaska) 7 feet tall, standing Exibicin sculptural Park International Monarch Contemporary Art Center, Tenino, Washington, USA 1989 S. Bust Allende, Tamao Heric, House of Solidarity with Chile, Vedado, Havana, Cuba 1989 Bust of poet Taras Ukraniano Shevshenko, (Bronze) T. Tamao Heric Shevshenko Museum, Borshov, Ukraine 1988 Bust of Paul Lafargue (Bronze, concrete) 8 feet high, Foreign Language Institute Paul Lafargue Miramar, Havana, Cuba 1988 bronze statue of S. Allende Hospital, Dr. S. Allende, Havana, Cuba 1989 "Energay Biomass " (cana, bronze) Environmental Sculpture for the Institute of genetics and biotechnology INGEBIOT Engineering, Havana, Cuba Private Collections: Family Collection Romero, Seattle, Washington, USA Collection Andres Institute of Art, Brookline, New Hampshire, USA Agrawal Family Collection, San Jose, California, USA Leslie Family Collection - Tweten, Seattle, Washington, USA Collection Monarch Contemporary Art Center, Tenino, Washington, USA Neagle Family Collection, Tacoma, Washington, USA Art Collection REB Enterprises , Seattle, Washington, USA Other private collections in: Spain, Italy, Ukraine, India, Mexico, USA, Cuba, Canada, France and Russia. Education: State Institute of Art in Kiev 1988 - 1989 Kiev, Ukraine, post-graduate training temporary member of the Institute of Sculpture ctedra. (Certificate) Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) 1988 Habana Cuba, Postgraduate Course: An Introduction to environmental sculpture, by Professor Ramon Soto Polytechnic Institute of Valencia, Spain. (Certificate) Art Institute of Kiev State from 1978 to 1984 Kiev, Ukraine, * Level: Master of Fine Arts Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) from 1976 to 1977 School of Plastic Arts San Alejandro 1972 to 1976 Havana Cuba, Level achieved: Postsecondary. (Recommended for study scholarship continuacin) participation in international symposia and environmental monumental sculpture: 2008 International Sculpture Symposium Ier large format, City of Nashua, New Hampshire, USA 2005 Simposiumu the 7th International Art Institute Andres 2005. Brookline, New Hampshire, USA 2001 International Sculpture Symposium I Cemetery Carretas.Putaendo, V Region, Chile 2007 International Symposium of Granite Carving, Mandya District, Karnataka, South India. 1998 1st International Symposium of Carving in Stone. Monarch Contemporary Art Center, Tenino, Washington, USA Publications Press Articles and Interviews: "TDecides " "Artistas Latinos-expression, diversity and color in the Convention and Trade Center in Washington State " by Janeth Garcia, p.4, January 25, 2008, Washington, USA "New Hampshire Magazine ", "World Views " by John Walters, photos by Susan Laughlin, p. 43 August 2006, New Hampshire, USA "World ", "Inauguration of the international art biennial - Cordoba, capital of modern arts " by Charo Ruiz, Culture (front page), Monday , May 15, 2006, Mexico "Sculpture in Cuba Siglo XX ", by JosVeigas, p. 317, 318, Caguayo Foundation SA, Editorial Oriente, (ISBN-959-11-0425-1), Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, 2005 "New Hampshire Union Leader ", "International Sculptors gather on the mountain " by Gil Bliss, p. B1, September 29, 2005, USA "Encyclopedia of Latin American contemporary plastic artist ", by Faustino Quintanilla, Marta Sozzi p. 75, 2004, Queensborough Community College The City University of New York, Edited by Editorial NAPSA, Spain "Art In Da International Magazine " "Documents " 31 Latin American Artists, p. 99, 95, 2003, USA-Argentina "Art In Da International Magazine " "Documents " 41 Latin American Artists, p. 102, 93, December 2002 USA-Argentina "Amricas Magazine " Vol 54, 2 From Carts to art in Aconcagua by Luise von Flotow, p.24 -31, April 2002, USA "Sculpture Magazine " Chile ' s First International Sculpture Park p.14-15, Vol 20, 9, November 2001 "El Nuevo Herald " "opens with tribute to Alpha Galleries Toms Oliva 'by Olga Conor. p.3C, May 16.2001 "Art In Da Magazine " "Documents " 76 Latin American Artists, p. 96, 84, February 2001 "Art News Magazine " "The Artists Directory " by Margo Chapman, p.175, December 2000 "Metropolitan Living " "Cultivating Art in My Garden ", by Felicia Gonzalez , p.41, October 2000 "Art Access " Back, Seattle, WA, September 2000 "El Nuevo Herald " Miami, FL "Cuban Artists Seattle ", by Armando Alvarez Bravo, p.2E, Sunday , September 10, 2000 "Art News magazine " Tomas Oliva "Marble Players " & Adela E. Gonzalez "Time 's Games " at The Fountainhead Gallery, p. 128, September 2000 "Latino Northwest Magazine Bilingual "(Home) Seattle, El Camino Tomas Oliva 9interview), by Martha Isabel Sanchez, p.12-15 April-May 2000 " El Nuevo Herald "Miami, FL, Tomas Oliva Sculptures by Armando In India Alvarez Bravo, p.2E, Sunday, January 9, 2000 "The Journal of the Amricas " Miami, FL, Literature and Art, by John R. Remos, p. 12B, January 1, 2000 "Tacoma News Tribune "Tacoma, WA " Images of '99 "(Fig. 99), Steve Maynard, p.B5, January 1, 2000 " Art at Da News "(news) - p. 4, Miami, FL, November 1999 "El Nuevo Herald " Miami, FL, "The Doors of Toms Oliva ", by Armando Alvarez Bravo, Section E, Sunday, September 19, 1999 " The News Tribune "(Photo on Front Page " The Way ") Tacoma, WA, by Steve Maynard, August 7, 1999 " The Seattle Times "(Front Page, Local News) Seattle, WA Interview, Jack Broom, section B, June 14, 1999 "The News Tribune " Tacoma, WA, "A sculptor carving the road " Interview, Steve Maynard, p. B4, June 12 1999 "Progress " (CNS Washington DC), "The Doors of San Andres, a story that inspires " by Lou Paranal, p. 2 May 27, 1999 "Pierce County Herald " (Front page), WA, by Julie A. Gorges, January 12, 1999 "Voice " Seattle, WA, Fiestas Patrias, by Raquel Orbegoso, p. 17 September, 1996 "Always! PRESENCE IN MEXICO " Magazine, Mexico DF., By Mario Alberto Vargas S., P. 58, September 15, 1993 "Tribuna de la Habana " Habana, Cuba, "A Sculptor of This Time " by Sixto Ruiz Dias (AIN) p. 4, January 7, 1990 "Tribuna de La Habana " Habana, Cuba by Ernesto M. Aqua, p. 3, September 21, 1989 "Granma " Habana, Cuba (ACN), September 12, 1989 "Juventud Rebelde " Habana, Cuba, by Mary Ruiz de Zarate, April 15, 1987 "Pravda " Moscow, USSR. P. Bogomolov. Section of Art, September 13, 1987 "Obrazotvorche Mistetsbo " (Journal of Plastic Arts of Ukraine) by Natalia Begeka, p. 21, 5 Sept.-Oct. Sept.-Oct. 1984 "Vsiesvit " (Magazine of Art and Literature) Ukraine (Interview) by Mikola Riabchuk, Ukraine, p. 150, 1-January 1, 1983 "Gazeta Kulturna Shetia " (Newspaper Culture and Life) Ukraine, O. Zhurabel, Ukraine, p. 7, 1-September 3, 1982

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