ARTISTIC CURRICULUM CARMELO GONZALEZ GUTIERREZ. Artist, writer, graphic design and advertising, cartoonist and photographer. Born September 20, 1956, in La Havana, Cuba. Her parents engravers and painters: Ana Rosa and Carmelo both leading figures of the Cuban plastic arts of the twentieth century, standing in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana. Since 1976 works as a cartoonist (comic artist) in the Directorate of Publications PRENSA LATINA, there happens to be performed...

ARTISTIC CURRICULUM CARMELO GONZALEZ GUTIERREZ. Artist, writer, graphic design and advertising, cartoonist and photographer. Born September 20, 1956, in La Havana, Cuba. Her parents engravers and painters: Ana Rosa and Carmelo both leading figures of the Cuban plastic arts of the twentieth century, standing in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana. Since 1976 works as a cartoonist (comic artist) in the Directorate of Publications PRENSA LATINA, there happens to be performed Advertising until 1986, that year becomes the graphic designer and advertising of the Company for Foreign Trade Publications Ediciones Cubanas, until 1998, since then has used the law of Independent Artists Cultural Property Fund. Since 2002 when he married the painter Sandra canaria Perez lives in Tenerife and next to it, he teaches drawing and painting at the Municipal School of Painting in The Killing Acentejo

GRADUATE: Academy "San Alejandro". Painting. National School of Design. Instituto Superior de Arte. Engraving. Foreign Trade Institute, Post-Graduate in Marketing and Advertising.

MEMBER OF: Union of Journalists of Cuba, UPEC Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, UNEAC Cuba's Yoruba Cultural Society. In which part of the Board of Directors, Fine Arts Director was the same and its Gallery "Mercedita Valdés, was Art Director of the Museum of the Orishas, where 6 frames painted murals at the headquarters of this company. He confessed, Commonwealth Association of Artists of Czechoslovakia. World Council of Visual Artists, based in city Mexico.

AWARDS: 1973 .- 3rd Prize, Hall Brothers Sainz. 1976 .- Mention in engraving, etching Hall. 1979 .- Prize Comics, Biennial Exhibition of Gijón, Spain. 1980 .- Photo 1st Prize, National Hall AP XX Anniversary Movement 1985 .- 1st Prize for Photography, Palace of Fine Arts. 1990 - Silver Award of Merit Order of Arts and lyrics of The Republic of Zaire, Africa. 1993 .- Painting Prize, Living Fayad Jamis. Arab Union of Cuba. 2003 .- 2nd Prize Painting outdoors, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. 2004 .- 1st Prize Painting, Tenerife Casinos

SOLO SHOWS IN CUBA: 1986 .- Gallery 12 and 23, Vedado. Paintings, Drawings. 1986 .- Casa de la Cultura de Guanabacoa. Paintings. Cartoons. 1987 .- Colonial Museum, Plaza de la Catedral. Prints "AXOLOTL." 1991 .- Teatro Verdun. Paintings. Cartoons. Topic Yoruba. 1992 .- Conference Center: 1st Congress Yoruba. Paintings of the Series: "Orishas." 1992 .- Galiano Gallery. Paint Series: "Living Space", "Orishas" and in the small hall Drawing Series "Cycles Gallery 1993 .- Abder Hercadar, Arab Union of Cuba, Paint. Topic: Palestinian. 1994 .- International Conference Center, 2nd Congress Yoruba. Paint Series: "Orishas". 1994 .- Gallery Ruben Martinez Villena, Provincial Library. Series: "The Crucifixion of the Angel", acrylic, surreal. 1995 .- Galiano Gallery. Watercolours and Acrylics. "Whims of the Flesh" 2008 - Gallery Merceditas Valdés.Serie Orishas, Acrylic on canvas. 2009 - Honor to whom honor is due. Africa House. Homenaje.Acrílicos portraits on canvas. 2010 - Gallery Mercedita Valdez. I am Yoruba. Acrylic on canvas.

PERSONAL EXHIBITIONS ABROAD 1990 .- Village Hall, Kinshasa, Zaire, Africa. Paint Series: "Living Space" (Surreal) 1997.-Café. "La Boheme." Mission St. and 24 St. San Francisco California.USA l998-Café''La Boheme''San Fco California, USA l998. Cafe''''Valencia Valencia St. and 22 St. San Fco Ca USA l998. 2l Galery Art Beat St. and St. San Fco Barlet Ca USA l998. Back to the Picture. galery and framed house.Valencia California St. San Fco. USA 1999 -. Sword Doménechi room, Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Barcelona, Spain 2001 .- Sala Caja Canarias, Santa Ursula 2001 .- Acentejo Art Center, La Matanza. 2001 .- Casa de Venezuela, 2001 .- The lagoon DIDA Gallery, Graz, Austria. 2002 .- MM Dance, dance school, Tomecano Street, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 2002 .- The Beehive Studio, San Juan de La Rambla, Tenerife. 2003 .- Casino Casino Taoro Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz 'From Cuba to Tenerife 23''acrylic. 2003 .- Kubanische Buchschachen luftgronnn Vernissage Sommer 2003 August 2, Austria 2009 - ¨ · Series of Acrylic Boxes. Artbest Gallery, London.

EXHIBITIONS IN CUBA AND ABROAD: 1973 .- Galiano Gallery. Cartoons. Cuba. 1973 .- National Museum. Cartoons. 1975 .- Cuba National Exhibition of Prints. Cuba. Biennial 1979 .- Comics. Spain. Biennial 1979 .- Comics, Toronto. Canada. 1983 .- Quota Cultural Juan Marinello. Pinturas.Cuba. 1984 .- Galiano Gallery. Cultural Juan Marinello quota. Paintings. Cuba. 1985 .- Provincial Art Center, City Hall. Paintings. Cuba. 1985 .- Recorded for the restoration of Mexico City. 1986 .- Provincial Art Center, City Hall. Paintings. Cuba. 1989 .- Bienal de Brusque, Brazil. Designs Recorded. 1989 .- Casa de las Americas, Havana Biennial. Intaglio. Cuba. 1990 .- Small Format Show, Santa Clara. Paintings. Cuba. Road Show 1992 .- "A GREEN SMILE" by Nicaragua and Latin America. Series Paintings "Orishas." Cuba. 1993 .- Masters Gallery Michoacán. Paintings from the Series "The Crucifixion of the Angel". Mexico. 1994 .- the 8th Anniversary of the Africa House. Paintings. Cuba. 1994 .- Illustrations of the Book Fair in Mexico. 1994 .- Recorded in Tucumán, Argentina. 1994 - Recorded Miniprint in Rosario, Argentina. 1996 .- Casa Benito Juárez. " "REASONS AIDS" Old Havana, Cuba. 1996 .- Casa Carmen Montilla. " Uruguay. "DOGS", Cuba. Quota 1996 .- Juan Marinello. "ANNIVERSARY", Cuba. 1996 .- Noma Concours. Japan. 1996 .- Zeitkritische Kunst Aus Kuba Gallery "Rita Schweizer." Germany. 1997 .- Casa Guayasamin Konfese Expo.Cuba. 1997 .- 15 paintings and 5 Decoration Sculptures in wood, Hotel BUTTERFLY, Cubanacan., Cuba. 1997 .- Scenery for the symposium NICOLAS GUILLEN AND MUSIC. Cuba. 1997.-Galiano Gallery (Selection of the best exhibitors of the last 10 years), Cuba. 1997.-Central California USA WAYUMBE.San Francisco 1997.-ART BEAT GALLERY.San Francisco California.USA 1997.-MISSION CULTURAL CENTER. "Che Guevara Exhibition." USA CA San Fco 1997.-HOTEL NACIONAL. Havana .- l998 Cuba.UNEAC MISSION CULTURAL CENTER for Latino Art''''Havana-San Fco Exhibition 1999 Exhibition Juanita Mateo-UNEAC to raise funds for AIDS patients, Cuba. 2000 Yoruba Contemporary Arts Trust. London, England. 2001 Head of the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba 2002 Expo Small Format Gallery L, Cuba. 2003 Erotic Art Gallery Salon Alamar, Cuba. 2002, - Erotic Art Show, Art Center Acentejo, La Matanza, Tenerife. Ifa Yoruba Contemporary Art 2002, 16 Oddums, London, England. 2002 .- Between Dreams and Realities, Sala Caja Canarias, Puerto La Cruz, with my wife. 2002 .- Pub Little Havana, next to my wife, Tacoma, Tenerife. 2002 .- City of Santa Ursula, Tenerife. Expo 2002 .- Cuban 5 artists painting, La Finca del Arte, Chayofa, Arona, Tenerife South. 2003, - The Hive study, Exhibition Hall, San Juan de la Rambla, Tenerife 2003 .- La Huella, Expo roaming the halls of Case Canary island of La Palma, with my wife Sandra Perez. 2003, - La Casona de San Luis, Chimaque Living Art Expo Group, Santa Ursula, Tenerife. 2004 .- Selected Regional Painting Competition, central Caja Canarias, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 2005 .- Santa Cruz Casino in the Hotel Mencey, with Sandra 2006 - International Award Paint (box version and interpretation of INVASION OF THE BARBARIANS ¨ Alcoba Moraleda José), convened by the Municipal Foundation of Culture JOSE LUIS CANO, Algeciras, Cádiz .. My picture was exposed to the selected number 8 of the whole December 2006

Illustrations and participation in public: He has illustrated magazines: UPEC, CUBA, sea and fishing, etc. Has run ads in: KUWIT TIME, Granma Weekly Summary, Review CUBA (Spanish and Russian), SOL Y SON URBE Magazine prisms, etc. He has illustrated books for the following editorial: "Editorial Penelope, Mexico. -Editorial José Marti, specializing in foreign languages. Covers. -Editorial Pablo de la Torriente Brau, specializing in comics (Comics). -Editorial Gente Nueva, child theme. -Institute of Cartography, maps. -Fundación Pablo Milanes new expanded edition of "The Orishas in Cuba," the writer Natalia Bolivar. - Cover Illustration for Editorial Poetics Anthology Spanish writer Maria Rodriguez Reyna.

CINE. Animated funds for the film "Agent 1080" cartoon for ICAIC. THEATRE has designed costumes, scenery, props. For Carnival has designed and directed the construction of floats for Carnival Habaneros and one in Zaire for advertising a beer company TROPICANA of CUBA.

SCULPTURE miniature sculptures has made to the firm: profiel. Sculptures in wood for the Mariposa Hotel in Havana, direct plaster sculptures for carnivals and Museum of Los Orishas. Sculptures made from waste materials mixed with plaster, cement, wood, metal, parts e, exposed for the first time in La Casona de San Luis in Santa Ursula in 2003.

Graphic Design yPublicitario. As a cartoonist and later worked as a graphic designer for 10 years for the international agency Prensa Latina in Havana, and later for 12 years for the Foreign Trade Company Paper, Ediciones Cubanas. He has done all types of advertising and promotion work: posters, calendars, brochures, catalogs, Commemorative Coins, Exhibitions and Design.

LECTURES AND CLASSES TAUGHT 1997 and 1998 San Francisco State University, The Yoruba in my art. California USA 1997 Laperriere Cultural Center, San Francisco, California, USA 1997 San Francisco Arts Instituto, California USA. 1998 Wayumbe Center 1999 Cultural Center in Martorell, Barcelona, Spain. 2002 to 2997 in the Municipal School of Painting Killing Acentejo, Tenerife, Canary Islands. Master Class Sesrovires City of San Esteban, Barcelona, Spain. Interviews for radio and TV in Cuba, Barcelona and Tenerife in Spain, San Fco. In California, USA, Munich in Germany and Vienna in Austria. His works remain in private collections, universities, hotels and institutions in Cuba, Canada, USA, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Argentina, Nicaragua, Brazil and Zaire.


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